Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eye Appointment

Pressure in his eye was too high. Doctors error, which he didn't take credit for. Maxidex is a steroid that helps with inflammation in the eye after surgery. We were only supposed to use it on ONE eye for a week after laser surgery. The prescription said to use on BOTH eyes until finished, and there were three bottles. The side effect of long term Maxidex use? High eye pressure and blindness.
Good one.

The right eye is doing great. No blood leaks and apart from the cataract and high pressure, there is nothing wrong with it. Saveable.

The left eye is not doing so great. There are obvious blisters at the front. This is from oil, that is holding the eye in place, leaking. A blood clot in the back of the eye that has more or less scabbed over is blocking the retina and even if he used the hubble telescope, the doctor would not have been able to see the back of his eye. That needs to be removed. Alot needs to be done on the left eye, but the doc said today that it's pretty much worthless forking out money for it. Any surgery now on the left eye is going to be purely cosmetic. Minimal vision, but he won't look like a Klingon resides in his eye anymore.

His eye pressure needs to go down in the next two weeks before cataract surgery on the right eye can be done.

Friday appointment with our GP, general check-up.
Back to Auckland next week for needle training and a check-up with the renal specialist.
Then Christmas.

He's still with me.
Best Christmas present ever.
I'd prefer him over an iPad anyday.

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