Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Going dry.

Over the span of 10 hours, the dialysis machine cycles through 3 steps. Drain, Fill, Dwell. There is an initial drain on first hook up, which drains the fluid that has been sitting in the cavity through-out the day. When this is done it fills with 2 liters of fluid from the 12 liter bags that will pump through him during the night. The dwell period is around 1 hour 30 minutes. It repeats during the night for 10 hours then he wakes up in the morning and holds 2 liters of fluid during the day.

It wasn't pulling off as much fluid on the initial drain. It was getting less and less and his weight wasn't changing in the morning at all.

Going dry is removing the last dwell from the cycle where he walks around with 2 liters of fluid all day. Instead of ending with a fill, it ends with a drain. I don't know how different it feels physically, if it does at all, but his weight is 112.9kgs.

All very boring.
That is all.

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