Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year.

Our nurse told us that it's ok to miss a day of dialysis. I've tried hard not to because she had said that missing days may or may not send him back into a pre-dialysis feeling state. Over the Christmas period it's been a bit touch and go with family and spending all hours away from home. I tried to not let dialysis dictate our lives, but the truth is .. dialysis is our Daddy and that's below below average.

Summertime in the boondocks Hawkes Bay is a time where you get random power cuts and we've had a couple of these over the last few weeks. When this happens, if the machine doesn't pick up from where it left off, you pretty much say goodbye to the unused dialysate. It wouldn't be such a big thing if NZ subsidized it, but they don't.

I put Larry on manual bags for 2 days. We were already running low on freeline solo bags because we used alot during training. When we use them we almost always lose a bag whether it be a drain bag or a fluid filled bag. Once connected, the manual cycle is similar to the machine cycle. Drain-Fill-Dwell. Each bag is equipt to drain and fill. The cycle finishes on a drain, so we lose a bag of fluid. Ya' with me?

A few days ago we only used three bags. I can't remember why exactly, but his body told him tenfold that the cycle was not a full transaction. He fell back into that pre-dialysis state we know so well, which enlightens us on how advanced his kidney failure is.

Tomorrow we're making a quick trip to Auckland. He will be doing his dialysis in the car on the road. To avoid losing a bag, the fluid will be left in his peritoneal cavity during the day until it drains him again via the machine Saturday night.

Manual dialysis.
See the goodies on top of the filing cabinet behind him? His medication.
Just his morning ones.

New Years resolution?
To season my body with the spice of good health for a kidney reduction.
Something about LW10 videos blah blah.
Happy 2011.

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