Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No news.

No news is good news, sometimes.
No news from Immigration is good news. Keeps him here longer.
No news from the hospital is bad news. This delays the cataract surgery.
No news from the SSA is bad news. Hardup-ville isn't an awesome place.
No news from the church is good news. Means there's no issue with payment for dialysate for another month at least.

Larry's weight is creeping up, this is not good news. Perhaps it's the time of the year when it's impossible to go on a diet unless you're insane. Maybe it's the fluid restriction he doesn't stick to. It's probably the 12 months of food he couldn't stomach before dialysis began and it's probably that new Mexican restaurant in town that's not as awesome as Taco Bell.

I'll give him another week to do as he pleases, culinarily speaking, then the reigns will go back on and I'll retrieve the whip from my back pocket. We call this inspiration.

The green dialysate bags pull more fluid off. He has been on a one green and one yellow (normal) regime everynight and his weight continues to esculate. He'll get in trouble from the specialist when he see's the stats after christmas.

116kgs is not good news when his goal weight is 110kgs.

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