Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hobbit

What's The Hobbit got to do with Cancer, Kidneys & Immigration?
Maybe everything.

Recently, New Zealand lost it's dignity, thanks to the Prime Minister -John Key, who fought for a deal to have the movie filmed on location in NZ. Laws were changed to gratify the minds of the powers-that-be. No, not the sovereign. Warner Brothers.

Employment laws were changed to bold the difference between employee and contractor. Now workers in the film industry don't have the right to take action for unfair dismissals, en masse, because now they're contractors and not employees.

John was nimble, John was quick.

At the snap of his fingers, a law was changed to cater to a multi-million (maybe trillion/billion/fagillion) dollar American studio. That's awesome.

My husband just wants Residency.
That's all.

Once again, democracy is hindrance.
The funny part is ... Larry is in the film industry. Had he applied for work in NZ based on his career alone, Residency would not have been a problem.

He has two things on his side.
Married to a citizen and his career.
He has two things against him.
His hostile kidneys.

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