Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick. Home. Tired.

We need to go home. We've been here far too long, and despite that it's so essential for us to be here, other things are going on in our life that require us to be home. Like immigration, bills, eye treatments and our car sounds like it's about to blow up. His eye looks worse today than it ever has.

I felt under the weather yesterday and when I woke up sicker than I've ever been this morning, there was no one here to take Larry into dialysis today. We called the clinic to say he wouldn't be in due to the circumstances and they argued that it was life threatening that he go in today, lest they lose out on todays $800 treatment. So I had to get up and take him and sit there for 5 hours, sick.

What I'm saying is, Dialysis takes over your life. I have a love hate relationship with dialysis. I love that it's healing my husband, but I hate that my life is currently built around it. I can't so much as sneeze without consulting the dialysis gods first.

I don't even have time to be sick because of dialysis.

It's one of those days where I keep telling myself that I'm too young to have to go through this. One of those 'feel sorry for myself' days because I'm ill and can't afford to be.

Larry's great, btw.
Weight 112kgs and believe it or not, he needs another haircut.

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