Thursday, November 11, 2010


Two more treatments of haemo dialysis, then the switch over to peritoneal dialysis. No more driving in Auckland traffic. It is a big deal when you've spent the last year in Bumpkin town, Hawkes Bay where a traffic jam is caused by farmers moving sheep on the main roads. Auckland is nothing near Los Angeles freeway traffic at rush hour.

They keep pushing the date to go home further away. The Renal Specialist wants to see us on the 25th, we hoped to be home by the 24th. How long the education part takes depends on the students. It could take 2 days, it could take 10, all depends on us. It's safe to assume that the tunnel line will come out anytime after the 25th. Below average.

The specialist removed a few drugs from Larrys cocktail.
Awaiting the renal nurse for todays PD training.

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