Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peritoneal Dialysis

The tenchkoff was flushed today. The nurse was looking out for any leakage, blockage and just making sure it all worked. Works like a charm, good news.

She demostrated the hook and unhook procedures and it is really simple, washing your hands everytime it's needed, which is everytime, is going to be the maker or the breaker of the whole thing.

We have one more haemo treatment then bags begin next Thursday. It's not as complicated as we had imaged it to be and he will only be on manual bags for a couple of days before the machine automates it all.

As I mentioned before, the date to go home keeps changing. That's the one thing that is frustrating at the moment. Every 2 weeks we've been told we'd be home in 2 weeks. Today we were told 2 weeks. I understand that these things shouldn't be rushed, but we NEED to go home for reasons like bills, immigration and to re-marinate ourselves in the sanity that has been in a reduction pot since we got here.

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