Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Sunday.

It's great being home. Dialysis wise, things are moving along nicely. Larry was able to take a walk down the street yesterday and he was awake the whole day. He spent some of the afternoon sitting in the sun. This turned out to be the wrong thing to do. I had to remind him, when he felt like he was about to pass out, that he is on a fluid restriction and that's on top of the near no water in his body post-dialysis. Technically, he's already dehydrated from dialysis and to sit in the sun will near kill him.

He is the worst patient ever because of his selective hearing. There are foods he must not eat, even in moderation and it's important that he not drink over his allowed max a day. It's hard to explain this to my Maori family who fed him pineapple (high potassium, high in fluids) all morning.

On Immigration: We're probably going to need a lawyer. There are two in the family, but neither specialize in Immigration.

Eyes: I hope we can get the cataracts done before Christmas. I will get the ball rolling on that tomorrow.

Overall health: I truly am glad he changed his mind about dialysis in the end. I can't imagine how bad he felt physically, but to think that at the end of September he only had a few weeks to live .. I'm appreciative that he got a clue and change his mind. Dialysis has worked wonders. Drained the life out of us financially, but the price is worth having him here just a little bit longer not to mention having him awake and happy again.

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