Saturday, November 20, 2010

APD - Night 1

It's been a long night so far. Our nurse did promise that there wouldn't be much sleep involved the first couple of nights and I chose not to believe her, but here I sit at near 4am listening to my new rhythm of life - the hum of the machine that is connected to my husband, his life line.

Turns out the machine doesn't make things easier at all. If he moves and the machine doesn't like it, it beeps and it's beeped twice. Three obnoxiously loud beeps. The machine doesn't care for sleeping children or the hour of the morning. It will still beep.

When the urgency to go to the restroom comes, you need to disconnect and reconnect when done. That process in itself sucks. It sucks more for the wife who has to wake up and do it after 30 minutes of sleep.

I shouldn't murmur, because I believe that joy doesn't come until after the pain. It's just that it's been painful for a while now.

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