Thursday, November 18, 2010

CAPD Training - Day One

It usually takes 6 days to train someone for peritoneal dialysis. This length is based on older patients and not youngins, like ourselves myself. One day was enough, tomorrow will be a refresher and onto APD, the machine. Our nurse understands the urgency to get home and the fact that we're more capable of picking things up better than her normal patients, who are older folk.

I watched a DVD she'd left, on the procedure to drain and fill, several times. I managed it once with her and once without her. We have one more exchange to do tonight, without her, and another in the morning before she arrives. It's all doable.

The biggest issue is the hand washing and unwashed hands and a unsterile environment leaves room for Peritonitis.

Glad to be in our finals days being away from home. Coincidentally it falls on the same week as our car needing a WOF and registration.

It's foolishness not to expect an anticlimax when playing a concerto no matter how close you are to the finis.

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