Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Fibrin is a fibrous protein associated with clotting. It's a mesh like substance that forms over a wound site to basically plug it. I wasn't listening when the nurse explained fibrin, which was a brief two sentence explaination. There was some fibrin in the drainage bag lastnight. To me it looked like stringy snot floating in a bag of pee, because the draining solution is yellow.

Where fibrin and PD is concerned, it's quite normal and nothing major. By the 2nd/3rd drain, it had absorbed completely and there was no trace of it anymore. With dialysis patients, heparin is usually injected into the lines to avoid clotting. In Larry's case, clotting is a bad thing because clotting can cause blood leaks in his eyes and he's on a baby dose of aspirin to keep his blood thin.

One sign of peritonitis is the accumulation of large amounts of fibrin in the PD effluent. Lastnight was the first time I've seen fibrin in the drain bag and the nurse isn't too worried.

I tell you, it never ends.

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