Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dialysis Round 4

When they hook him up and pull him off, I have to leave the room as a precaution against infection through the tubing. One of the tubes leads straight to the heart via the jugular vein so .. I get out.

Four hours of Dialysis today. A blood transfusion tomorrow and nothing but miscommunication between the private health system and the public health system. 3 pints of blood at 4 hours per bag. Even though the hospital is a 2 minute drive from my sisters house, I'll probably sit there with him all day during the transfusion because he'd want it and I'm happy to do it.

We found out today that it takes 4 - 6 weeks for the tenchkoff surgery to heal, we were told 3 weeks originally. During that healing time, he will continue to get Haemo dialysis until his catheter heals. It irks me that so much money is going into this and I know it's support, but it's just so much money.

If you know Larry, you know he talks alot. I had to tell him to shut up today because he was holding the nurse up trying to educate her about dialysis. I assured him that she probably already knows.

Dialysis Clinic.

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