Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home again home again jiggedy jig.

Tramadol has been his friend since the Tenchkoff surgery. It works wonders.

Strict diet begins today. Since he is missing his Saturday session of dialysis, he needs to watch his fluid intake. It's all about urination this weekend and I'll refrain from the details and stats.

The whole dialysis and diet thing is frustrating me. He can't have this, he can only have so much of that, a serving of this and stay well away from that. After going through the list all that's left is cardboard and fresh air. The diet part is the hard part because I almost get into a domestic dispute trying to explain to him why he can't have a double whopper burger and large fries and at times I've given in just to lessen the headache.

Home for labour weekend and good to be here.

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