Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dialysis - Round Five

The public health system in New Zealand is overloaded with people needing dialysis. Up until recently, dialysis was denied to people over 80 years old because 1. Resources were minimal and 2. Some genius played God and decided that no one needed healthcare after 80 years old.

This is the only clinic in New Zealand that offer private dialysis care. There are at least 10 chairs in this clinic that I have counted. There may be a couple more out of view that I'm not aware of. This is exactly why having Kidney Failure is a big no-no as far as the Immigration is concerned.

The other 8 people in here today have come from the Waikato region, an hour away, by shuttle. They're delivered at 7am and leave around 1pm. Most of them are of Polynesian descent.

We have more sheep in New Zealand than we have people and it seems that NZ feel its meat exports are more important than its residents. Meat exports boost the NZ economy, why doesn't the money go into the healthcare system? Who gives a crap about the Kiwi and Kea being endangered, peoples lives are endangered because money is being spent in the wrong places by a Government who claim to be for the people. If money was being spent on the health system, which is a necessity really, then hospitals wouldn't be under staffed and medical personnel wouldn't be on strike, like the Lab Unit at Middlemore hospital will be next week.

Today marks a week of Dialysis treatment. Dialysis takes over your life. I can understand the depression it sends people into and that opinion is gathered after only a week of sitting here. Endurance is my life right now because Larry could easily fall into the same pattern the other 8 people here live with daily. After talking with some of them, they're just so tired. Go figure. It's only 4 hours per treatment, but one woman comes four times a week and she's in her 8th year of Dialysis.

It's an eye opener for my people and the need to change and control their diet. It's also an eye opener as to why we have loved ones. I can't imagine Larry going through this with people who were in his life before I came along, and I'm not just blowing smoke up my own ass for the fun of it. It's quite true. You have to have the stamina to simply apply yourself to endure just being a supporter.

The Port. He got a free chest wax the other day when they ripped off the adhesive bandage that was applying pressure to the incision sites.

Masseur Dalek.

The Artificial Kidney.

Day off tomorrow.

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