Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good progressions

Our Renal Specialist visited the dialysis clinic this morning and was happy with Larry's progress post surgeries. The tenchkoff surgeon is happy for him to start peritoneal dialysis asap, but the Renal Nurses - who have more experience with this - prefer him to wait the 3 - 4 weeks. We'll meet our Renal Nurse sometime next week and will know definately our date to go home. My guess is the 20th of November.

We've been told the education is pretty indepth and can be a little overwhelming and is mostly about the bag changes, dressings and taking care in a sterile environment. I've been watching the renal nurses and I have a general idea.

Peritoneal Dialysis is more easy on the body than Haemo Dialysis and can be done in the comfort of our own home and at night, so we have the daytime to go about our business.

Larry has reported that he has not had any blood leakage in his eyes for weeks now and said today has been the best day as far as his eye sight is concerned. He said his eye sight, today, is good enough for him to drive. This is great news. He's still not driving as far as I'm concerned.

The renal nurses are quite impressed with his progress and how his body is handling the treatments.

Today the light at the end of our tunnel grew an inch.

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