Sunday, October 10, 2010

A good night.

Our evening was saturated with nausea and complaints of pain and discomfort. Rightly so.
By midnight it was time for bed, where he slept well.
Today there is a little blood from the incision site, nothing that can't be fixed with hyperfix.
Dr called to check in, he is happy with his overnight progress.
A free day today.
We may head out to find New Zealands only Baja Fresh equivalent MexiCali, it's in Auckland somewhere.
His fluid intake is limited to 1 liter per day, this includes water in foods and beverages.
He will slowly be able to bring protein back into his diet, bio-proteins.
He misses bacon, because bacon is the answer to everything.

Dialysis removes fluids in it's process. They took 1kg from Larry during yesterdays treatment. Hence the nausea.

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