Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sabbath

One of the reasons for coming home was to collect our mail. I had hoped there would be something from NZ Immigration. It was not so. There are two applications in. His Residency application and the Work Permit application. They also have his passport because it was required for the work permit application.

I've learned that calling immigrations customer service and inquiring may or may not irritate someone there, so I refrain from doing it because as long as there is an application pending, he's ok to stay.

Fluid retention, if any, over the last couple of days has been minimal and he has been successful in keeping with the 1 liter of fluid allowed.

Back to Auckland tomorrow. From here we wait for the tenchkoff to heal. While that heals he continues haemo dialysis and the education for peritoneal dialysis begins.

We also have a prescription for 6 weeks of Recormon. That's $2400.
Yeah right, it can stay in my car until we win the lotto as far as I'm concerned, which didn't happen last night, by the way.

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