Sunday, October 10, 2010

The haircut.

Larry got a haircut today. I was supposed to take him to his usual barber in Hastings before we left, but we left sooner than we anticipated. I took him to a barber in the closest mall. Three Indian guys who barely spoke English were the hairdressers. As we sat waiting I'd listen to the other clients when it came their time for cutting. They knew what they were talking about. "A three on top and a two on the sides", "Three all over" and so on.

When Larrys time came, he sat in the chair and said "Long on top, short on the sides". The hairdresser didn't understand this and after a few minutes of trying to understand eachother I hear Larry finally say "Cut it like yours".

Before I could protest, he was already getting what I found out was a "2" all around his head. I text my sister swear words as I watched because she suggested the place.

The guy had a faux hawk and my blind husband couldnt see that.

I'd say this is a perfect example of what a wife is for, but it would only be perfect if he didn't have a faux hawk.

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