Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been an intense week and I'm fortunate to have family to go through the emotions with us. I've run Larry's decision through my minds centrifuge for the last 6 days and finally have a full understanding of why he came to his ultimate decision, and it's money based. Understood.

I asked myself if he was suicidal. That was pointless, so I asked him and he laughed.

He explained, as he had on Monday night, that he's exhausted from being sick and exhausted from the mental effort he has to muster up just to make it through another medical visit. Again, understood. Add into the mix the kurv ball. Add to the mix the Immigration situation. Add to the mix the must-be-pre-paid healthcare system here. It's a hybrid of fatigue. Go figure.

Our Doctor called on Saturday night, and I'm glad she did. I thought that after his decision, she'd drop us as patients - but she was genuinely worried and dialysis aside, she'll treat him the best way she can without dialysis.

Should he get residency in New Zealand, we will go the dialysis route, but right now that's the million dollar question or at least the $56,000 a year question.

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