Friday, October 15, 2010

Blood Transfusion

I thought it was 12 hours long, but its only going to be 6 hours long. I had hoped we got the weekend off, we both could use the sleep, but it wasn't so. We have Sunday off then back into it again on Monday. Eventually, dialysis (haemo) will only be 3 times a week at four hours per treatment. When the catheter heals completely after surgery (4 to 6 weeks) and peritoneal dialysis begins, then we can go home.

ETA on going home? December. Yuck.

We're in a day stay unit at Middlemore hospital today. Larry can't keep still. The discomfort is irritating him.

Isn't the hospital the worst place for someone to be when they have no immune system? I'm just saying, because the dude two chairs over looks like his next stop is Heaven.

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