Monday, October 4, 2010


I think it's important for him to get his eyes done and this is what will take priority right now.

We talked with one of our church leaders yesterday and he bought up a point that I never considered before, which was that New Zealand have an immigration scheme you can apply under called the Expression of Interest. This category is open to people with specific skills that New Zealand lacks and creative artists falls under that. Larry qualifies for this (he also qualifies with his actual degree - Laser Optics Technician - but he has not worked in that field for years), but with his eyes as bad as they are at the moment he wouldn't be able to work.

We have this on our side and it's important to get his eyes taken care of first.

There are over 16000 illegal aliens/overstayers in New Zealand. Worst case scenario: Should he not get residency, he will overstay until I get my US Residency back. During that overstaying period, any medical expenses will need to be paid for out of pocket. Here's where getting his eyes fixed comes in. With his eyes done he becomes independant. I can go to work. He can work from home. We can pay for his treatments.

Best case scenario: New Zealand grows a heart and grants him Residency despite his illness.

I think it's best we continue with his eyes.
I know he's scared and I don't want the darkness, that is his vision, adding to that.
Our church leader talked about quality of life yesterday.
What is that when you have no sight?

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