Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dialysis - Round Six

I could see the something was wrong this morning when he walked out of the bathroom. He looked bloated and retaining fluid is a hideous side effect of dialysis. Urination becomes infrequent and may stop completely. We're at the infrequent stage nearing the stopping completely stage.

On top of that hes having pain around his bladder area. The catheter seems to be sitting on his bladder causing pain and the feeling to urinate. Again, this is normal. One of the nurses suspected a Urinary Tract infection because they've restricted him from having proper showers, but he shows no signs of this and the catheter on the bladder scenario sounds likely.

We were going to head home today, but he's not up for the trip so we will try for tomorrow.

There are currently 14 humans in this 3 bedroom house. The only thing missing is the wheels on the bottom of the house.
That's what it feels like.

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