Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dialysis - Round Three

"Going Flat" in dialysis terms means, "Give me agua! (water)".
This happened today.
Larry has a sense of humour, so when he stopped responding to me and put his hand on his heart I had to ask him if he was tricking, because he has that tendency. Yesterday he said he saw a light then opened his eyes, looked at me and uttered, "You're not Jesus". When his eyes began to roll back it was time to call the nurse.
I can't remember the explanation they gave, but it was a mixture of needing water, low blood sugars, body going into shock because today's dialysis treatment was to be 4.5 hours long and alot of dialysis over the last couple of days. His heart rate was slow and irregular, he was unresponsive, needed oxygen and they stopped his treatment 40 minutes from completion.

The nurses responded accordingly.
I love those women and it wasn't so scary because they knew what they were dealing with and were quick to respond. That's the only reason I didn't back myself into the corner and scream save him. I gathered my chi and let them do their job.

He has been taken off a couple of his prescription drugs, but the worst part of his meds are all the eye drops he has to instill at different times of the day. Easy to forget.

He drank tea today, because he needed a sugary drink to bring him back to Earth. I told the nurses it was against our religion and Larry said we'll let this one slide because it was for medicinal purposes.

Blood transfusion sometime this week.

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