Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another question answered.

Why not move back to the USA for treatment?

We've had this question alot and we have taken it into consideration, but you need to read the whole story to fully understand why it's not an option right now. The biggest thing is that in this time, being apart as a husband and wife is not an option. I don't expect his family to tend to him in my absence because they have families of their own to care for and as a non-immigrant who is guaranteed deportation on arrival, I don't know how long it could be living apart while I re-apply.

Put yourself in a situation where you're told dialysis may or may not help, where you've been given a few months to survive this and dialysis may or may not help because of the level of your degraded kidneys. Then ask yourself who you want to be with while you are going through this.

It's all we're asking for really, to just simply be together.

We can't just uproot and move in with his elderly parents especially if only one of us can go back.

That's why the USA isn't in the cards at the moment. We need to exhaust all our efforts to keep him here before we frustrate ourselves and throw another country into the mix.

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