Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Immigration update

We received a letter yesterday from New Zealand immigration. We've been through about 4 different case workers in a month, but it seems we have a set one now. The letter detailed on more documentation that was needed and gave us a heads up that the medical application has been through the first set of medical assessors and the outcome wasn't good. Because of his condition he'll be a strain on the system here in New Zealand. Ok, we knew that.

By the 8th of October he will require all documentation needed and then make a decision based on what he has. He did mention a medical waiver and that would come when the second set of medical assessors assess his medical application. It doesn't look promising, but we have to hold on to what little hope we have now .. which I liken to holding on to someone hanging over a cliff, about to fall, by the pinky finger.

Sometimes it's normal to just be human and I hope that, which is what we've been praying for, will overcome our case worker, that our story may soften his heart and the fact that we only want to be together hopefully will be worth something to him.

Deny him medical benefits in NZ if you must, just let us be together.

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