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We appreciate the comments, concerns and suggestions. Larry has asked me to clarify, because if you have not read and kept up with the entire blog you may be a bit out of the loop. I suggest you read the whole blog, it’s the only way to fully understanding our situation.

At this point in time, I cannot return to the United States because I have an abandoned green card. Should I go back, I will be given two options at the border. 1. Be deported or 2. Surrender my green card and be housed at an Immigration facility until my application processes.

Larry and I cannot be apart. He is dependent on me for mobility.

Larry does not have Residency in New Zealand at the moment. His status this way does not qualify him for free public health care. We are awaiting a residency decision.

There are three bridges to cross with the residency before deportation.

1.They can give him residency despite his illness and missing paperwork.

2.If the above is declined, a medical waiver can be issued and he can possibly get residency this way or

3.If all else fails, we appeal it through the courts on a hardship.

We have not passed 1 yet, this is what we are waiting for.

Medical expenses cost money and it’s money we just don’t have. The donation button up got us enough money to pay for the first two eye surgeries. Very grateful for that. We didn’t anticipate the follow up appointments being so expensive or the emergency surgery he required. He still needs 3 or 4 more surgeries after this one. We have absolutely no way of paying for this.

We were grateful that our church offered to help for the dialysis treatment, unbelievably grateful, but it was done so reluctantly and done under certain conditions that I have mentioned before. The condition being that we return to the USA after 2 months of paid treatment. Well aware that I can’t return, they instilled this condition and had us agree upon it.

What it was that set Larry off a couple of days ago to refuse treatment was a bill we received from the hospital for the emergency eye surgery. A bill for $2200+. I called the hospital immediately and asked to speak to the accounts people in charge. I told them what our eye surgeon had said about being over charged, asked them for an itemized invoice and let them know that I wasn’t going to pay the bill until I got to the bottom of this. Doctors and Nurses have told us that there is corruption in the health board in Hawkes Bay. It’s a common thing through-out New Zealand. The hospital called back and said the bill was right, I needed to pay.

We got ripped off and as long as we keep paying we’ll continue to be ripped off.

I don’t work because I can’t work. Larry is dependent on me. Where he goes, I go. Where I go, he goes. It has to be like that because he is dependant.

I want him to continue with his eye treatments. I’m not going to fight him on the kidney treatments because I understand where he is coming from, but I do want him to get his eyes done. He needs to get back to doing what he loves to do best.


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