Friday, September 24, 2010


The Tenchkoff surgery was to happen depending on yesterdays blood results. The Renal Specialist said he'd email us yesterday afternoon, last night at the latest. I was checking my emails every hour on the hour. No emails. No emails this morning. No emails at lunch time, by 1pm I thought the worst.

I missed a phone call from the renal specialist. He called twice and finally sent a text message to say call him ASAP. Not awesome.

Creatinine - 790 (down 20 since Tuesdays bloods)
Potassium - 5.4 (up since Tuesday, but still safe)
Hemoglobin - 70 (apparently good)

These results are good enough for surgery without the hemodialysis and a blood transfusion. We had to pick up paperwork near down town Auckland before 3pm.

It's all a go.
Someone's definately listening!
This was a good day.

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