Friday, September 17, 2010


Larry spent the night in hospital, and I cannot wait for that bill, but he is much better than he was yesterday. Ocular hypertension means the pressure in your eye is higher than normal. Yesterday Larry's was three times higher than normal. It was elevated by inadequate draining in his eye post-surgery. He was prescribed 4 different eye drop treatments that will lower his intraocular pressure. Do you know what it looked like to me? On District 9 when the main dude begins to turn alien and his eye is all wiggy-like, that's what it looked like. Attractive.

New Recormon prescription today, 6000mls - now twice a week. That's $200 a week. I only cringe because earlier today we lost $500+. Let me tell you about that.

You may have noticed the donation button has disappeared. Due to a third party snitch, paypal has closed our paypal account. Said snitch did their homework though and must have eagerly searched through the paypal policies on receiving donations and found something that would 'stick-it-to-us'. Tu'che! On top of that, my gmail password was attempted to be reset this morning. I can only suspect but, for the life of me, what a kurv ball.

Instead of donations, Larry's videos at Liberty3D are available for purchase. These are available for digital download and the customer service there at Liberty3D are good people, no hassles, quick service and no excuses. I sincerely thank the Liberty3D guys, all of them, for over fatiguing themselves and supporting us whole hearted. To the Lightwave community in general, for the support and donations made over the last 6 weeks, we are so grateful.

Finally, Dialysis is a go. He will have the Tenchkoff Catheter surgery in the next week.

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