Saturday, September 4, 2010

Medicare & Medicaid

I've spent the time reading through handbooks, researching different states and looking at our options. The results? We're still better off here. The biggest reason is because we'll be together. If he goes back to the USA, it will be without me for a period of time until I sort out my US Immigration.

During our time in California, he paid CA Taxes and medicaid to that state. He can only use it if we go back to California, according to the CA Medicaid handbook. California is not an option, New Mexico is where he/we will head if needed.

The NM site says that you need to be a current resident of the state and you must have lived there for 2 years prior (consecutive) to qualify for Medicare.

For now, we are still better off here simply because we will be together.

I did find out why he is now exempt from paying for prescriptions. Apparently when you have had over 20 purchases, you are are exempt for the rest of the year.

Thanks to all those who have given character references for Larry! These documents will go in next week with the application to extend his current work visa/permit.

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