Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breathe baby breathe.

I'm a bit nervous because it seems his eye's going down the relapse path again and any pain he feels in his eye that he tells me about makes me cringe because we're so far away from our eye surgeon. I didn't want to do the eyes first. I wanted to take care of the kidneys because I knew we'd run into problems with his eyes, and we have.

Sleep, since we've been in Auckland, has been in a lower degree. If he can't sleep he won't let me sleep either. So I have half asleep conversations with him and a few nights ago he talked for one hour about radiation and Chernobyl. That should have put me to sleep, but I don't want to waste a minute sleeping if he's awake. Y'know?

The report says that he has severe lethargy, so he sleeps alot and I let him because he's constantly uncomfortable.

He's exhausted.
He's in pain.
He's unhappy.
He's ready.

I'm not.

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