Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An update.

Good news. The Dialysis process will begin as early as next week.
Our church, who we are extremely thankful for, will fund the treatment until Immigration comes back with a decision. He will have the minor surgery for the catheter to be installed, after which 3 weeks are needed for the surgery to heal and the dialysis treatment will begin. Our Doctor literally jumped up and down with excitement when we told her this morning.

We will relocate to Auckland for 3 weeks for the education required regarding the treatment.

Bloods and Recormon shot today. Our Doctor was surprised at how 'pink' he looks compared to every other visit, she was very happy with his obs today. Blood pressure sitting at 120/60 - best ever. Blood results should be in this afternoon. Weight is 120kg, up 5kgs.

Eye appointment, follow up, on Thursday. There is a cyst looking lump in his eye that our Doctor had never seen before, but is apparently normal after such a surgery. The good thing is, he can see much better and he feels much better.

In other news, we were hit with a 5.4 earthquake this morning.

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