Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vitrectomy. Not to be mistaken for a Vasectomy.

...because they sound the same.

What is it with the hospital not calling me or telling me anything. I came in this morning and he's not here. His bed has been made and when you see an empty made bed in the movies you know its shortly going to be followed by a silent breeze through the window making the chiffon curtain move which means the patient is probably now a resident of the morgue.

If it wasn't for Mr Cylon across the way, I wouldn't know that he's been taken somewhere to get a procedure done. That's more than what the nurse told me, which was that he'll be back soon.

When my aunty was in hospital they gave me all the information I needed to know. They'd even call to ask me if I wanted to have dinner with her in her room and when it will be served. I received calls every morning detailing me on what the program was for her that day.

Is it because he's a non-resident? I can only suspect.

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