Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Support System

Yesterday the blog got over 100 hits. I wasn't aware that my husband had been sharing the link with fellow LightWavers and we've had quite a few emails, IMs, Facebook posts of support and these are very much so appreciated.

The sole reason for this blog is basically the pre-cursor to going to the media with our story when the time comes. I need to record every part of unfairness that we are faced with, every denial from government agencies and medical boards and every move we make in the right direction only to be sent to the back of the line again.

Blood tests are weekly now and today is that day.
It's also August. 2 months have passed.

I think our story is more important than Lindsay Lohan's release from jail quite frankly and somehow she made the front page today.

You'll also notice the donation button to the right. Call me proud, it wasn't my idea, but you know what? I don't have 56k a year for dialysis treatment. I don't know who in my family even makes that much a year.

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