Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Villa 3 is where you go to see the Opthomologist. Our appointment today was at 10:30am. When we got here we walked into the waiting room to 2 prison guards and an inmate handcuffed to each other and a man wearing headphones upside down singing songs by The Beatles. I considered whether we were in the right place. Villa 3 the eye ward or the east wing the psyche ward? It's almost noon and he's just been taken in for an injection in his eye. Local anesthetic.

It takes five minutes to kick in then he's having 20 minutes of laser treatment on his right eye. Blood vessels on the back of his right eye and the front. Chemicals in his eye aren't working the way they're supposed to be working, so they've been confused and vessels have started to sprout at the front.

There are a lot of after effects (not the software) and its likely he won't see anthing for the rest of the week. Sad because our niece, the one who thinks she's an elephant, is on her way down to visit us for ten days.

We've been told that the surgery in his left eye will take place in a week or so.

He is currently in getting the right eye lasered. Only surgery will save the left eye. I took a photo of the post-eye injection shot and will share it with you all simply because its gross.

You've gotta be some kind of loser to blog from Villa 3 from your Blackberry.

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