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Residency Application - in this week.

There's three reasons as to why New Zealand Immigration will deny someone residency, and one reason is Kidney Failure. I'm hoping our sob story, which I have written and added to the residency application, will pull at the heart strings of some authority at NZ Immigration. It's a true story and we have the complete medical report that confirms that.

Our Doctor, who we absolutely love, hooked us up with a local minister of parliament who pushed the work visa through. An Uncle, who is a Justice of Peace - there are four in our family/friends circle - got us hooked up with another Minister of Parliament. These two are equivalent to the area reps for each party (National-Labour = Republican-Democrats). As mentioned, we have four JPs, our Renal Specialist, our Eye Specialist, our Church leaders and around 100 of my family members who are all willing to be advocates to our application when they're needed. There are so many other local people we can include, but don't know our complete story. Yet.

I'm set to send the Residency application away before the end of the week. Immigration want proof of a bonafide marriage. If 10 years together isn't enough, then I will send them 10,000 photos of us with family because that's how many images we have. I will send them 10 years of correspondence from our family members and I will print out years of emails that we'd send eachother during the day while he was at work and I was home. If that's what they want, but you'd think 10 years together would be enough.

It seems that as we near a date of significance, things go sour. We will celebrate 10 years of marriage on the 17th of this month. It may very well be our last, but that isn't my concern. My concern is in me sending the application in this week marked urgent, will we see August the 17th or will he be on a plane back to the USA because Residency was not granted? The US sent me home after they erred on the 11th of August 2001. History repeats itself sometimes. Skeptical, I know.

It's healthy to be nervous.
It's not healthy to be nervous because someone else holds the decision that will determine the rest of your life.


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