Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some good news and some bad news.

Sometimes we have to force ourselves out of the hole we're in to be jovial about our situation. Tomorrow Larry goes under a general anaesthetic for the surgery on his left eye. At our appointment yesterday we were warned that given his current health, there's a chance things could go south and that has been on my mind all night. In an attempt to not make things morbid, we had a conversation at lunch today that turned into something funny.

Tomorrow, if you see a light please make sure it's the light from the hospital ceiling and not the light back to God. Argue with them if it's the latter light. On the other hand, if you see flames .. I can't help you there.

And we can laugh about that, because it's all we have. That sick sense of humor.

The Russian nurse who bled Larry today is a cold woman. She means business so she doesn't give you the warning before she goes for gold and sticks you. We were in there for less than 2 minutes. Today they check for Renal - Creatinine, Renal - Electrolytes, Full Blood Count, Reticulocytes and Venous Blood Gas that's on top of the Recormon shot of 6000mls, his new dose.

Our Doctor spoke to our Immigration Case worker. She is pushing for an urgent process because things are urgent. With his creatinine at 815, he will need dialysis before 3 months. We are awaiting a decision from our church as to whether or not we can be helped with the funding. Immigration will make a decision in 3 months as to whether or not he is granted residency. We have several outcomes and we found these out today.

1: They grant him residency
2: They deny his residency and we appeal it.
3: They waive the medical and grant his residency.

There's a chance he may have to travel back to the USA to get the catheter installed for dialysis. I cannot make this trip back with him because of my immigration status.

Believe is or not, that's all good news.
The bad news is, it's raining .. and is supposed to rain for the rest of the week.

I swear, if he gets through this I'm going to nursing school.

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