Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blood Labs drama.

Our doctor mentioned to us today that the laboratory that processes Larrys bloods every week have picked up on the fact that he is a non-NZ resident and told us to expect bills now, as we should be paying for them. She didn't know if we would be billed for back payments, which go back at least 6 months.

She told us the weekly fee is somewhere around $40 and attempted to reassure us that this is a good price. It's not a good price when you factor in everything else we pay for weekly for medical expenses.

Sometimes we take one step forward only to take three steps back.

I will wait for the bill from the labs, but I'm considering bi-monthly (fortnightly) bloods instead. Enough time for Larrys arm to heal, he has track marks to put a crackwhore to shame.

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