Monday, August 23, 2010

Immigration. Need a favor.

Larry's NZ residency application is in and as mentioned in a previous post, it's incomplete.
Police reports are required and we have sent in 2 sets of finger prints this year and have heard absolutely nothing back.

We need character references for Larry from those who have known him personally and professionally.

I need to extend his current work visa before the 23rd of September, I want to have that in by Monday week - with the character references. The more the merrier and for those willing to do this please leave full contact details in your email in the case that NZ immigration require verification (since they may be unsigned).

I myself know that had Larry not been sick, he would have fully qualified for the Expressions of Interests entry into New Zealand because of his profession and would be a huge asset to NZ in that regard.

They don't have to be long, they just need to be truthful.
Haters need not apply.

To: NZ Immigration
Re: Character Reference for Larry J Shultz

Larry is good.
Larry is great.
Don't kick Larry out because he is good and great.

Your FULL details.

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