Tuesday, August 3, 2010

His eyes.

If you knew my husbands profession, you'd know how essential his eyes are.

His eye sight started to go around a year ago. We've been told it was diabetes related and we've been told it's been due to hypertension, hypertension that he's had for years. Either way, his sight was going.

Somedays he can't see at all and I know this because I've intentionally flipped him off a couple of times to test that.

Two things kill me regarding his eye sight.
1. He can't work and I know how much he loves doing what he does best.
2. When we saw James Camerons Avatar last year in the cinema, he sat there the whole time with his eyes closed listening to the movie because he couldn't see it.

We went to a Optometrist a couple of weeks ago who pre-diagnosed him and referred us to an Opthomologist. 4 days later we had an appointment with the Opthomologist and I know some people who have been on a year long waiting list to see the same Opthomologist.

Hemorrhages in the back of the eyes due to 1. Diabetes and 2. Hypertension. Blood has clouded his vision and filled the gel parts that make up the back of his eye. His eyes have scar tissue at the backs that look like they go back years. He'll need laser surgery to burn the leaking vessels closed. He'll need surgery to remove the bloody gel and saline injected in. Then he'll need cataracts. We already know cataract surgery is $5000 per eye.

Without knowing our story, at all, our Opthomologist rallied a group of Doctors who are willing to do the second surgery pro-bono (not cataracts). Our local hospital board are not happy with this. The same people who are complaining about subsidised aspirin. We're not in the clear as far as paying something is concerned and that's ok. We're just appreciative that those 6 doctors are willing to do that for us without knowing the story.

Someone is listening.

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