Monday, August 30, 2010

A below average day.

I need to clarify the issues with Larry's eyes, because there are people who don't 'get it'.

Years of having diabetes has degraded his vision. Fortunately, diet change has reversed the diabetes some, but the damage has already been done - particularly with his eyes.

Last Wednesdays surgery was to burn the blood vessels, that are leaking, shut. The surgery this coming Wednesday is the same surgery PLUS removing the bloody gel from the back of his eye and replacing it with saline. There are three things these eye surgery's are doing, excluding the cataracts none of these surgeries are going to be helpful with his eye sight getting better, but more so just keeping what eye sight he has. These are:

1. Seals hemorrhaging blood vessels that are leaking
2. Restricts the growth of abnormal blood vessels which tend to rupture and leak
3. Prevent the retina from detaching because of scar tissue created by the hemorrhaging blood vessels

Neither of these surgery's are to help him see better and I must reiterate, Neither of these surgery's are to help him see better. They're procedures that need to be done to repair and keep him from being permanently blind.

His right eye is still leaking blood. He discovered that today. We were also told today that Wednesdays surgery will be an afternoon surgery and he will be required to stay in overnight. We're hoping that $4000 we paid includes the overnight stay, because if it doesn't I'm going to blow a fuse. Hidden costs are not my forte. Not looking forward to the overnight stay. We haven't been apart for longer than a day since 2005.

I almost lost the plot today when we were asked what medication he was on. The paper work she was looking at was the same paperwork that has his medication list. I could feel my eye twitching and everything. I gathered my chi and let her find it herself.

A below average day dealing with below average public health.

Bloods & Recormon shot tomorrow.

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