Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A few have asked why I don't work, why I don't have employment to fund our medical journey.

Let me tell you why.

He has 2 Doctors visits a week.
He can't see his medication to take it on his own, three times a day.
He can't see what's in the fridge to make himself something to eat.
He can't get out of bed some days because he's so tired.
Simply showering takes all the energy out of him and I often have to walk him back to the room to sit down before he passes out.
Blind people shouldn't light fires and he needs to be warm.
He can't drive.
At times when his eye sight is at its worst, it comes and goes - good days and bad days - where he can't see at all, do I really want to leave him home alone to sit in darkness with no one to talk to?

This is why I set up a photography studio in our guest house. It's all I can do right now.

I am not a caregiver. I am his wife and I am bound to accommodate him, and I fulfil that duty without hesitation.

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