Saturday, August 7, 2010

About religion.

A couple of comments we've received push us in the direction to seek Gods help.

We're religious people. I myself was born and raised into a religious family - 5th generation - and the only thing that keeps us both sane through-out this whole ordeal is the bigger picture, religiously speaking.

Often we both find ourselves sitting in the Doctors office listening to her explain that nothing can be done but dialysis, nothing can be taken except prescription drugs, no one else can be asked except doctors, and that's just not true.

It's hard to explain to a medical professional that we have faith to get through this. It's hard to explain that the prayers from family and friends work and that our spiritual support system is doing more for him emotionally than knowing the drugs and injections are working.

One of our Doctors told us that there is nothing God can do, but everything he can do. You can't get offended at that when you know he doesn't understand what we've known to be true for years.

In Mormonism there are temples that riddle the world. One of the purposes of these temples is to bind families together here on earth and in our life after. Where a civil marriage binds you to your loved one til death, marriages/sealings performed in the LDS temples bind for time and for all eternity. What's bound on earth - also in heaven. Last month we were sealed in the New Zealand LDS Temple, it was the best thing we've done in our life together and was much needed after close to 10 years of marriage.

Sometimes receiving comfort from asking via prayer is all you need to make it through another day.

This is what keeps us going and why we aren't utterly devastated.
What's a year when I'll have him for the rest of forever?
It would just be nice to have him here for a little while longer.

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