Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latest Results

Creatitine 815 - same, Potassium 5.7 - still safe level.
Recormon shots have been increased to 6000mls - two more viles ordered.


Usually when you screw up with the immigration you screw up majorly. One document out of place and you're looking at a re-file. I sent in a detailed support document basically briefing them on our story. Someone woke up happy that morning and we received a phone call yesterday to submit the documents we'd left out, one included the Police Reports that we still have not received, but this is where Character References come in handy. It's not like we can call the FBI directly and ask for our Police Reports that have been requested twice already.

We will send the needed documents in on Monday with the work visa extension. Everything seems copacetic with Immigration right now, but minimal. At least the application has been lodged a week after submission. My cousin, who's wife is British, lodged her application in January and only got a lodgment receipt when they got a lawyer involved.

In other Immigration news, I woke up to an article this morning about the NZ Immigration investigating 34 staff for corruption.

Secretly, I wish we had one of those 34 staff on our case.

It was a hideous night, but codeine and paracetamol made his day. The eye looks alot better this morning. The blister at the injection site has gone, that was the main attraction. Now it just looks like he lost a fight.

Today we will know when the next surgery is.

Update: 1.15pm tomorrow we have an appointment in the Day Surgery. Not sure what that is for.
Monday 4.30pm another appointment in the day surgery for an anesthesia test. He'll go under general anesthesia for the 2nd surgery on the left eye.

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