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Eye Surgery.

2 hours after surgery.

We had a pre-surgery consultation today and I've realized just how poor the record keeping is around here. You'd think that in a small town and everyone under the one health board, they'd be more on top of that. It's not so.

I don't know how many times I've repeated his health history to how many different medical personnel, but it's getting to the point where I just want to say, "He's dying, move you're ass". We spend 20 minutes relaying our story each time we meet someone new. Why isn't this information made available to them?

When I get to the part about the health board refusing to give him dialysis, they shrug as if dumbfounded. Today when she asked how close he was to needing dialysis I rudely replied with, "Three months ago".

On our way out of the consultation the nurse handed me a pamphlet informing me of my rights when receiving a health service. They forgot to add that it does not apply to non-residents.

Our surgeon suggested we go public with this now. Facial expressions, sighs she made and small comments she'd drop told a story of a corrupt health board, blatantly. I'm weary to go to the media because of Immigration. They're a biting dog I prefer not to mess with, but it's probably the best thing to do because denying a sick man what he needs is not humane.

Larry asked me today if all this was worth it. If getting his eyes fixed was worth it when we're only looking at 10 months. If the pain he's had to go through over the last few days and the upcoming pain from more eye surgery is all worth that.

I want him to be comforted by seeing a familiar face. I've seen the confusion on his face when he simply can't find a cup. I see him stop and call to me in the middle of the room, reaching out to feel for me. When you are at your worst, health wise, blurs and shadows are not comforting in your potentially last moments. My smiling face looking back to at him will be the last thing he sees, because that's what will give him peace and that is what he wants.

In other news.
Picked up 2 viles of Recormon shots today.
We did not get hooked up today it seems.
We paid over $300 for 4 viles of 4000ml.
Today we paid $200 for 2 viles of 6000ml.
At this point, we will not be continuing with the Recormon after these two viles.

Monday: Seeing the Anesthetist - he will be put under a general for the next surgery.
Tuesday: Bloods & Recormon Shot - telling the GP we can't do the Recormon anymore, it's too much money.
Wednesday: Set Surgery for the left eye.

Blood Pressure was good today 146/70.


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