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Employment & Money

We came to New Zealand with enough money to see us right for several months. My husband had freelancing work, several 'webinars' scheduled and possible royalty payments. Financially we were ok, enough where I didn't need to get a job myself.

I was caregiver for my Aunty for the last 4 months of her life. I had gone unpaid up until the last 3 weeks of her life. I felt obliged to do it, getting paid for someone who had raised me all those years was something I couldn't fathom, but as we neared the ending of her life we also neared the end of our stable financial situation.

Webinars were postponed or canceled. The royalty payments were inconsistent and work was getting slow because my husband was almost always sick.

I decided it was time to do something with my photography education here in NZ. I had years of experience and knowledge just to move home and do nothing with it. Post-Aunty's death, I now had all the time in the world to do something with it and I ran alot of scenarios in my mind about the best way to do this, but we didn't have the money to blow $5000 on a complete studio. I had the space, just not the equipment.

I crossed it from my mind in November when we found out about my husbands health. They told him he needed a kidney biopsy that would cost around $2000, because he was a non-resident. Then his eye sight began to deteriorate and his ability to work was slowing down. He suspected cataracts, which is a $5000 NZD surgery for ONE eye. We didn't have that kind of money. We were living within our means and a biopsy and cataract surgery was not on our money map.

In January my husband lost his appetite for everything that was delicious and normal. He only wanted fruit. He could only stomach fruit. His initial blood pressure reading told us that he was a walking corpse. Something like 290/110. His cocktail of prescription drugs began in January.

By April 2010, our financial situation was still the same. We still hadn't done the kidney biopsy and my husband had lost a little over 110lbs - in 4 months.

Things were beyond dire.


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