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New Zealand Immigration - Work Visa Expiry

My husbands work visa for New Zealand was valid for 7 months. When we applied for it I told the Consulate, in specific details, what our intentions were, and the sole reason for coming back short-term, and they were true up until September 11th, 2009.

The Visa was set to expire at the end of December, so in November we began the proceedings for his NZ Residency. Part of this was to complete an intense medical application. In November we began the medical process for the application.

I will tell you that my husbands health has been up and down for as long as we had been married. The first 6 - 7 years he was fine. The next couple of years I noticed he was slowing down somewhat. I played the age card, he's 19 years my senior, and settled with that theory.

After much prods, pokes and pricks, we hit a brick wall. The blood work showed signs of renal failure and severe diabetes. More tests were needed to be done to complete the form. I had to shift into a higher gear so I didn't miss the expiry date for his current visa.

I did a crash course on New Zealand immigration, and I am intimately familiar with the US Immigration, and discovered that I could get away with renewing his work visa without the medical right now. I sent in the paper work before the expiry date, did not take into consideration that the offices would be closed during the Christmas season, and we didn't hear anything back from them for MONTHS. Technically, after Dec 30th, 2009, he was an illegal alien.

We switched Doctors, because the first one told us he was going to die and needed to go back to the United States. That was awesome news. I despised going in to see her and I eventually stopped taking him to the doctors because every visit, which was every 2 weeks, seemed to send me into a depression. After a couple of months of avoiding her, she referred us to another doctor at the practise for a 'second opinion'. The only reason I went was because that doctor was my Aunty's doctor.

Without going into detail, she hooked us up. My husbands visa application had been in for 4 months. I know it was late and I blame myself for not checking out the office public holiday closing dates, but after someone lit a fire under their asses to get onto our paperwork, we received an apologetic email from an Immigration case worker who said our visa would be back in our hands within the week.

And it was so.

Extended for another 6 months.
We needed to begin his residency ASAP.


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