Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy December

November was a busy month. School starts to shut down in November and exam season starts. Our boys have been leaving since the beginning of the month and we’re down to the last 17 juniors. They’re all on camp this week out of town so we have a few days where we aren’t required at work. Like today, the perfect day for a blog catch up.

We only just got through Thanksgiving week. It was also Tylers one year wedding anniversary and they went away for a long weekend so my house was plus 3 kids. On a Monday I thought it was a great idea to have Thanksgiving with 4 kids, by Friday I wasn’t thankful for much and barely made the turkey edible.
In between the baby getting sick and three kids with three different personalities, I didn’t forget about it being Larry’s 8 years, but didn’t quite have the time to sit down and reminiscence with Hubs like we usually would. On the flip side, distraction has always enabled me to bypass the sadness of missing him actually being here each time that day rolls around. 

Covid-19 is still NZ, but not enough for lockdown.

The baby girl hit 5 months yesterday and has just started sitting up on her own. The four days I had her, while her parents were living it up, reminded me of how committed you have to be with a baby. She’s nothing like the boy was - which left me with PTSD when I think about it 😂), but still dependant. Don’t know how mothers with more than one do it. 
Surprising Hubs this week with a night out of town. Her thanksgiving weekend was ruined because of kids and she got a little overwhelmed over it and deserves a night away. 

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