Friday, August 21, 2020

20 of Forever

Today would’ve been our 20th anniversary. I had him for 12 years and they were the best 12 years ever. There were challenges and lots of tears, but more than that there was much love and laughter.

Hubs often asks if I wish he was still here and the answer is always the same. “If he was here, I wish he wasn’t sick, but he was and so I’m glad he is not here, sick”.

I wish I could show her the life he showed me. I wish she shared it with us. I hope I can show her that there is life outside of family and life outside of this community. I want her to know that the world is her oyster because without Larry, I would not have seen that for myself.

I miss you everyday. I think of you always. I have braved 8 years without you and it has made me a stronger person because you showed me outside the box I was probably destined to had you not stepped into my life.

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