Monday, July 13, 2020

Back by popular demand.

Hubba: So you deleted the blog?
Me: I deactivated it.
Hubba: So when you're dead I need the password to see it and it will only go up to June this year.

She's right and I appreciate the eye opener.
I also appreciate the Internets, who were regulars to the blog, for letting me know the blog was a personal solace.
This is for you.
And for Hubs.

This was the month to wait for a baby to come. We tried to get her here two weeks early, but alas, she wasn't having any of it. Right around the time we thought she'd come, something else happened. My Nana died (paternal). After weeks in hospital and a stroke, she left us for a better place.

Because of Covid19 and our governments decision at the last minute to void compassionate entry into the country without isolating for 14 days, we didn't have her funeral til July 4th.
3 weeks after her death.
It was an interesting 3 weeks.

End of June ... Aidyn Amy Hill Heather made her debut.
Her Mum was pretty amazing and her brother got to be there too. Her Dad had left for work out of town earlier in the morning and missed the entire thing. Thanks to devices with video capabilities .. the entire thing has been immortalized on video.

She's two weeks tomorrow and a delicious peaceful little thing.

Her brother is the opposite.

School holidays started in July.
July has been stressful.
We buried Nana in July and got to see family members I hadn't seen for years.

5 generations of Craig's.

Celebrated The Livians 44th birthday the day after the funeral.

This is the last week of the school holidays. I am dreading going back to work, but I haven't won the lotto yet so I must suck it up.
Glad I have these two.

It's good to be back.

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